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 We are specialists in our field and know every nut and bolt on the Nissan Figaro so we're obviously well placed to produce these articles - we hope you'll find them of some value.
We welcome owners questions - if you don't find what you require on the website - please contact us by phone, email or the contact page. We're always happy to help!
From our dealings with the Nissan Figaro, we've seen many of the regular problems, niggles and foibles with these cars first hand. Infact theres quite a few, so the topic will be posted in several parts. If you have problems with your Figaro - check here first - you may then be able to short cut to the solution!
Car won't start in Park
Reverse won't engage
Gearstick won't move from Park
Can't withdraw ignition key
Can't lock / unlock door
Catalytic converter warning light remains illuminated
Dashboard top has cracked
The interior panels are sticky
There's brown marks on the carpet
There's stains on the leather seats
Window doesn't work properly
My speedometer has stopped working
I've lost / broken my key
My tonneau cover has shrunk
My Figaro won't idle properly when cold
Engine shakes / steering wheel vibrates when stationary
Engine speed drops when switching on lights etc
Idle speed goes up and down
Faults with automatic gearbox
(including procedure for checking gearbox fluid level)
 I can't seem to find new tyres for my Figaro
How do I change the oil and filter on my Figaro?
I can't remove the end spark plug!
I've got a water leak - the carpets are wet!
The rear window demister doesn't work
Click on the link below to read about some of the recommendations particularily when you purchase a Figaro. It's possible that some of the issues raised have been tackled by the selling dealer or previous owner
- but if they haven't, or you're uncertain - then get them done ASAP.
The Rocker Shaft Securing Kit mentioned in the document is available
in the Service Parts section. Also in this section, you'll find the very important cam belt kit!
As well as the important information above there's other things you may find useful. The list in the link below is in no particular order.
Need to know the correct paint code for your Figaro?
I need a new light bulb for my Figaro.....................
Servicing is much more than changing the oil and a couple of filters! The document below outlines an optimum service schedule for the
Figaro thats not only cost effective but if followed, ensures that the
right things are tackled at the right intervals. If you'd like the "optimum service kit" described, which will give you all the servicing parts you
need for the next two years - please look in the Service Parts section.
In order to service your Figaro - you'll obviously need to know what needs to be done and when it should be done, so below, you'll find our Service Checklist for the Figaro. If your garage isn't familiar with the Figaro - then copy the checklist for them to use. This checklist has been developed by us on the basis of our considerable experience with these cars and following the checklist will go a long way towards maximising thereliability and longevity of your Figaro! Why not get a copy of the checklist ticked off as items are completed - a good service record is a valuable document when you come to sell your car!
When you service or carry out routine level checks on your Figaro -
you'll obviously need to know the specification of the various lubricants and fluids required. These are listed in the document below - you may wish to print this and keep for reference - or even give a copy to your garage when the car is serviced!
Similarily - you or your garage will need to know some of the specifications and settings - things like ignition timing or spare wheel air pressure. We've collected together the most commonly required data in the document below. Again you may wish to print a copy for your own use or for your garage when your Figaro is serviced.
The Nissan Figaro is well able to cope with anything that the British winter can throw at it. We've put some notes together on preparing your car for winter!
In November / December -  more car batteries are sold than in all other months of the year put together!! Theres nothing better than cold mornings to kill off an ailing battery. If your Figaro has battery trouble, or if you want to avoid future problems - check out the article below. There's one specific Figaro specific problem that's worth checking out - it could save you the cost of a new battery or alternator! If you need a new battery - we tell you how to order the correct battery - the Figaro isn't listed in many applications catalogues.
Contrary to common belief - you don't need diagnostic machines or code readers to extract fault codes on the Nissan Figaro! It's actually very easy and this guide will take you through three important diagnostic tests on the Figaro!
What's the correct way to start a Figaro? Is your car difficult to start? Have a look at the document below it may have an answer to your particular problem.
What sort of consumption can you expect from a Figaro - there are many exagerated claims made - whats the reality?  How can you remedy poor fuel consumption and is there anything you can do to improve an already decent consumption?
What do you need to do to maximise the life of a turbo? What can go wrong and what are the symptoms? What are the options for repairing / replacing Figaro turbo units?
Here's some information on saving money! At the same time, we tell you about "Diminished Value" - a subject that your insurance company would prefer to keep to themselves!
The labour cost of various servicing and maintenance tasks on the Figaro can be a bit of a mystery! The tabulation below gives the standard times for a number of common maintenance tasks - all you have to do is multiply the standard times by the hourly labour rate of the garage. This will give you the labour cost for the job!
When coosing a garage we recommend you:
Theft of Figaros and from Figaros appears to be on the increase! In the article below, we discuss possible security measures you could take to safeguard your car!
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